Sayers carry a vast range of consumable products from all the leading brand manufacturers.

To compliment the ranges of high technology coatings that we supply, Sayers has partnered itself strategically with high quality manufacturers of consumable products to enable us to offer our customers a wide range of products to get the best performance within there working practices.

Investment in using high quality products minimises waste, increases productivity and gives more accurate and consistent performance throughout the work process, therefore increasing productivity.

The comprehensive product range Sayers offer is extremely large and as each of our valued customers requirements and processes can be unique to them listing in full here is not feasible.

Our sales managers our more than happy to advise you which are the best solutions for your needs.

  • Abrasives
  • Sealers, Fillers and Coatings
  • Masking Products
  • Wiper Products
  • Polishing and Compounding
  • Tack Cloths and Strainer
  • Solvents and Chemicals