The Trade Group

The Trade Group is a network of specialist independent paint and refinish distributors across the UK and Northern Ireland which has the expertise, experience and professionalism to succeed in an ever-changing and demanding business environment.


The T-EURO branded range of consumables sourced from manufacturers worldwide and distributed throughout Europe, further enhances the Group’s total product offer. There are over 150 product ranges and in excess of 1000 product lines, all of which are subjected to rigorous quality and performance tests prior to their inclusion in the range. A continuous policy of improvement together with re-investment of profit into research and development ensures The Trade Group is at the leading edge of technology and is continually upgrading products to the benefit of its client base. Innovations include the use of a unique bonding technology for accident repair, the Tradefix range of Fixings, Fastenings and Storage Systems, The Platinum Polishing System and NoVoc – an environmentally friendly degreasing system, all of which are exclusive to the Trade Group in the UK.