IVE is the Lechler Group’s specialised brand for the HABITAT sector. With over 70 years of experience developed in Brianza, the cradle of the Made in Italy furniture industry, that has spread throughout the world.


Italy is the internaional ‘cradle’ of the interior design and furniture industry. But the ‘heart’ of the sector (where quality, producIon and style merge and blend to achieve excellence) is the Brianza district where IVE was established more than 70 years ago. The roots in Brianza are an essenIal trait of its idenIty and conInue to inspire the company to develop and perfect technologies for the interior decor market and to provide excellent customer service. Leading manufacturers of furniture and furnishing components choose IVE products to obtain reliable, high quality painting solutions in the following sectors:

  • Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms and Children’s Rooms
  • Wardrobes, Tables, Chairs and Turned Manufactured Items in General
  • Internal Doors and Panels (Doors and Cabinet Doors)
  • Assembled, Rustic and Antique Furniture
  • Profiles, Skirting Boards and Wallpaper Frames
  • Rods and Picture Frames
  • Flooring

For more information visit ive.lechler.eu